Art Therapy

Art therapy provides a safe and enjoyable way to express your feelings, resolve past trauma, identify goals and heal emotional wounds. I work with people of all ages using art in combination with traditional counselling methods to help individuals to overcome depression, anxiety, loss, eating disorders and trauma. Expressing yourself through art allows you to bypass the filters of your verbal brain, directly accessing your memories and dreams. No skill or art experience is required to experience the benefits of art therapy. The focus is on the process over the finished product. Guiding people to heal through the power of art is my absolute passion.

I enjoy working with neurodivergent individuals and work from a neurodiversity accepting and strength-based perspective. Art therapy is often a good fit for this highly creative population.

Counselling for Children

I specialize in working with children using art and play based therapy. I provide a safe space where children can heal from trauma, explore the root cause of their struggles and develop coping strategies for anxiety, anger, grief, depression and life changes. I work closely with families to determine counselling goals and to help you to provide support to your child outside of our sessions. I can work with parents and children together, or individually with children.

Parent Support

A parent educator for over 20 years, supporting parents is the most valuable work that I do. As a mother of three, I understand and can relate to the challenges you are experiencing. Your relationship to your child is the most important ingredient for their mental wellbeing. Without judgement, I can help you to navigate your current challenges and improve your connection with your child or teen.